Liquid Cultures via Injection


//Select one of my many commercial or Utah foraged mushroom cultures to start expanding it and growing your own fruit.

Cordyceps [codyceps militaris]
Proven for lung health, energy, and stamina – bottle cultures work well, see @mycosymbiote for directions

King Stropharia ( garden giant / wine cap ) [ – ]
Choice edible, grows outdoors woodchips mixed with soil

Shaggy Mane [coprinus]
Choice edible, grows outdoors in grass/mulch/compost/chips

Lion’s Mane [hericium erinaceaus]
Proven neurogenenic compounds in the form of ericinones – grow on sawdust or coffee grounds

Directions: add to a jar or bag of pasturized/sterilized grain/sawdust to expand the culture, then add it to a bed of woodchips or fruit from the bag/jar.

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