Mushie man!

You’ve reached the Salt Lake Fungal Research Community.
A multidisciplinary group for psychedelic studies

We’re not affiliated with MAPS, but they can be found here –we suggest you read through their site and listen to some podcasts if you’re interested.

We connect and discuss these topics locally in the Salt Lake Valley . Solutions to further research alongside public and therapeutic adoption of the modality.

We’re looking for educators, researchers, therapists, clinicians, mycologists, and anyone else to add wisdom and experience to the research and adoption process to join our community and meetings.

Another great podcast can be found here:

STEM TALK by IHMC– Episode 99 : Dave Rabin talks about how psychedelics
and wearable devices can help improve people’s lives

Want to connect with our fungal
network in Utah?

Reach out to us.

Soon, we’ll have a sign-up list here stating that you support this research and adoption, which will give us a head-count of individuals to move legislature forward.